Our Coffee Bean came from the best beans hand-picked by local coffee farmers all over Indonesia. We love to work directly with the coffee farmers because we want to create a better sustainability for them.

By purchasing a cup of coffee or coffee beans in our Coffee Shop, you will help supporting local coffee farmers in Indonesia to live a worthy life.

Beans Served at Our Cafe

Siraja Biak Biak came from the Lintong Nihuta area, North Sumatra. This coffee bean is included in the class of Arabica seeds. The advantages of these coffee beans, in general, have a superior flavour, smoother textures, and complex flavours and aromas. The majority of Arabica coffee beans can only grow optimally in highlands such as mountainous areas. That’s why the majority of Arabica seeds are more expensive and exclusive compared to robusta seeds

The Gayo region is renown for producing a high quality Arabica and this coffee originates from the Pondok Baru and Redelong villages within the Bener Meriah Regency, at the northern part of Central Aceh.

Grown between 1200-1400 MASL, this Typica varietal is wet-hulled in the traditional Sumatran method and is everything we have come to love and expect from a great Sumatran coffee.

Sumatran coffees are unique in the coffee universe – they are processed in ways that are different to all other coffee growing origins. This unique and distinctive preparation is what generates that famous body and intensity.

What makes Sumatran coffees so special ?

  • Intense body – that viscosity element filling your mouth and rounding out everything – coating all surfaces of your palate with a thick syrupy substance that, well….. lasts for ages.
  • Bold intensity – whilst Sumatrans are typically low in acid, they exhibit incredible flavour with lemony acids and complex spices that persist through to the long finish.
  • Buttery mid-palate – there is a level of richness from Sumatrans that makes for a pleasant experience from ultra smooth, silky delivery of flavours.
  • In milk, Sumatrans are a perfect marriage made in heaven – they balance superbly with caramel, toffee and chocolate notes. When combined with legendary long finishes, it’s no surprise that roasting companies around the world continue scrambling to get their hands on great quality Sumatrans.

Cup Profile:

  • Dark cup with blackcurrant and soft cedar notes upfront. Coriander seed mid-palate.
  • Toffee and dark fruit sweetness throughout. Well balanced, tart, sustained acid and syrupy, full body.
  • Intense, very long burnt toffee and molasses finish. Coating and lingering.
  • Score : 84.00

This coffee represents everything we love about quality Sumatran coffees.

Siulak Bujang coffee is the best variant of Arabica coffee cultivated in the foot area of Mount Kerinci which is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. This coffee has a unique taste that is spicy and cocoa flavorful. While the taste is dominated by orange and fruity. This type of coffee, like other Arabica coffees from Indonesia, is favored by espresso lovers because it has a high body.

This coffee flavor is more enjoyable with high acidity and natural sweetness. The enjoyment of this coffee has been nationally recognized. In 2017, Kerinci arabica coffee won the title of the winner of Indonesia’s best specialty coffee. A summary of the characteristics of steeping the best Indonesian Kerinci arabica coffee We present as follows:

Characteristics of Kerinci Arabica Coffee

Grade: Specialty Grade (> 85)

Aroma: Spices and chocolate

Acidity: High

Body: High (mouthfull)

Flavor: Fruity, Lemony, Long aftertaste, Sweet.